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PC-12 vs. Cessna Denali

The PC-12 has been the center of the industry’s attention for some time now. This is primarily due to the overwhelmingly positive response it has gotten with regards to its design choice and aesthetic simplicity. However, about a year ago, a new competitor presented itself in the form of the Cessna Delani. The Delani makes use of single-engine turboprops. Admittedly this design choice is certainly nothing new to the Cessna team. However, the jet’s exterior aesthetics really ruffled some feathers.

That being said, it is vital that we take a good look at the concept images used for these two planes. Only then can we fully appreciate the striking similarities between them. For instance, both planes sport nearly identical features such as the PC-12’s iconic T-tail as well as its vestigial winglets and the extended aft cargo door. Some would even argue that the only real difference between them is the paint job that they use.

In spite of these similarities, the most important thing that luxury jet enthusiasts pay attention to is the technology used in the plane itself. Unfortunately, for the PC-12 it seems the Cessna Denali has the upper hand in this regard.

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